The AfriTAP / PEMTAfrique network is looking for a professional networker and project guide based in Africa who is bilingual in French and English.


AfriTAP / PEMTAfrique is a new civil society platform bringing together allies from Africa to support the evaluation and assessment of new technologies, to create materials to support civil society organisations, and to build a strong network of people, across the continent.

We are looking for an African to help guide our diverse African team who are building this network. We have a preference for the candidate to be both from Africa and based on the continent. It is not important in which African country the person is based, so long as they have access to a good internet connection and can work across times zones.

The AfriTAP / PEMTAfrique Guide will perform the following functions and responsibilities as part of a freelance consultancy contract (full or part-time, by negotiation):

  • Provide support to regular communications and coordination calls among the Co- ordinators (one AfriTAP English-speaker, one PEMTAfrique French-speaking), aiming for at least one call to check-in every week (more often in busy periods) and one Steering Committee meeting every month.
  • Additional strategic calls/meetings on dedicated topics and ongoing work processes (as needed and as agreed with the Steering Committee), up to two additional calls per month.
  • Liaise with the Steering Committee to discuss the agenda for webinars/calls, campaign decisions/actions/activities etc, in collaboration with the Coordinators.
  • Support the overall coordination of the network, including ensuring that the coordinators have sufficient support to report on their progress towards agreed milestones.

Skills and experience


  1. High level of written and spoken fluency in both English and French.
  2. Organizational skills and project management experience
  3. Experience of, or strong ambition to, work in civil society and/or grassroots activist organisations and networks
  4. Ability to work flexibly in groups but also to work autonomously and collaboratively, and with good inter-cultural skills.
  5. Excellent communication skills, in writing, speaking, presenting online and in person


  1. Experience of simultaneous interpreting between both English to French and French to English. Fluency in another language including Portuguese or Arabic is also desirable.
  2. Experience of having led one or more projects in Africa
  3. Experience with such groups in Africa
  4. Experience of working with networks made up of people from different cultural backgrounds
  5. Experience of writing popular education materials.

Management & Salary

You will work closely with members of the Steering Committee (including staff from HOMEF, IRPAD, Terre à Vie and Inades-Formation) reporting to its convenors, ETC Group.

We expect the hours of work to be a maximum 40 hours per week, with a rate of salary depending on experience.

Further details

Please apply by sending a 1-page CV and a 1-page covering letter explaining why you would be suitable to: by 5 September 2021. Interviews will be in the week 13- 17 September. We regret that we may not be able to contact all candidates who are not selected for interview.

Job opportunity: AfriTAP Network Guide (PDF version)