Values of technology assessment platforms

The Technology Assessment Platforms (TAPs) featured on this website are underpinned by a set of three core values.

1) PEOPLE’S CONTROL FOR THE COMMON GOOD: Since technologies alter power in society, technology assessment should aim to be an open process whereby people are able to develop and exert control over technologies. These actions will be directed towards the common good, rather than the pursuit of private interests and profit.

2) PRECAUTION: Technology assessment should always begin with a precautionary principle, acknowledging some evidence of concern for a risk or any harms caused by a new technology is enough to warrant the oversight and governance of that technology.

3) AUTONOMY: Technology assessment can help protect the rights, autonomy and sovereignty of marginal or oppressed peoples when used as a tool to ensure their free prior and informed consent, with the ultimate right of peoples to say “No” to new and existing technologies.

Principles of Technology Assessment Platforms

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